Julie Macbean


Printmaking - the Poetics of Space, an Absence and a Presence


emboss chair


‘The more you look at the exact same thing, the more the meaning goes away., and the emptier and better you feel' ............Andy Warhol

Repetition and Fade


Linoleum Print - Absence and Presence


Watercolour monoprint through mesh screen


julie macbean

Chance or Choice

The artist has used text gathered from a range of sources to influence the work revealing ‘an Absence and a Presence’ surrounding an empty chair.
Much of the work however, has been left without a title, with a view to assisting you the viewer to interpret the image without influence.
For those of you that require assistance, the artist invites you to ‘take a chance’ or ‘make a choice’ by selecting a card from below.
Simply roll a dice and select the card that the dice indicates
Feel free to browse through the cards and select one of your choosing.

Please feel free to take a card as a memento
Each card holds a word or phrase that has been carefully selected by the artist to use as titles for the work.


Copyright Julie Macbean 2011